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What is Bariclip?

Bariclip represents the cutting edge in obesity treatment, marking a milestone in healthcare. This state-of-the-art device provides a less invasive solution compared to traditional methods such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. Its innovative design allows for the reduction of stomach size in a non-invasive manner, without the need for cuts or permanent modifications to the digestive system.

In Monterrey, Dr. Hernán Fraga is a pioneer in the application of Bariclip, offering his patients an effective and safe path to weight loss, backed by his knowledge and experience.

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Advantages of Bariclip

Less Invasive

An option that minimizes surgical impact, favoring a quicker and more comfortable recovery.

Safe and Effective

Approved after rigorous quality and efficacy controls, ensuring reliable results.

High Technology

An advancement in bariatric medicine that employs the latest technology for the patient's benefit.


Unlike other procedures, Bariclip offers the possibility of reversal, adapting to the patient's needs and evolution.

Bariclip represents not only an advancement in obesity treatment but also a new hope for those seeking to improve their health and quality of life in a safe and controlled manner.

At MetabolikO Clinic, we are committed to providing the most innovative and effective solutions, guiding each patient on their personal journey towards well-being.

Discover How Bariclip Works

Bariclip represents a revolution in the field of bariatric surgery, offering the benefits of stomach reduction, similar to sleeve gastrectomy, but without resorting to cuts or permanent changes in the stomach.

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Innovation in Bariatric Techniques

This procedure stands out for the strategic placement of an advanced clip, made of silicone and cutting-edge materials. The Bariclip is carefully positioned in the stomach, dividing it into two sections: a small part that reduces food intake capacity, promoting a quick feeling of fullness, and a larger part that preserves normal gastric acid production, essential for proper digestion. This modern and less invasive approach is particularly appealing to patients who prefer an effective and, at the same time, reversible option to manage their obesity. With Bariclip, MetabolikO Clinic makes available to its patients an alternative that combines technology, safety, and adaptability to the individual needs of each person.

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Placement of Bariclip:
A Detailed and Safe Process

The implantation of Bariclip at MetabolikO Clinic is performed through laparoscopy, a minimally invasive method that makes a difference in terms of recovery and postoperative comfort. Compared to more extensive bariatric procedures, laparoscopy significantly reduces recovery time and minimizes discomfort after surgery.

His extensive experience and meticulous approach ensure exceptional results, putting the well-being and safety of patients first. Choosing Dr. Fraga and MetabolikO Clinic for Bariclip placement is a trusted decision for those seeking an effective and safe alternative in obesity treatment.

In Monterrey,

Dr. Hernán Fraga is a reference in the application of this technique.

Ideal Candidates for Bariclip
at MetabolikO Clinic

Bariclip is an excellent option for a diverse range of patients in Monterrey. It is ideal for those with grade I obesity who prefer a reversible and less invasive method. Young people who wish to maintain the integrity of their digestive system and nutrient absorption also benefit from this option.

Furthermore, for those with more advanced obesity seeking an alternative to definitive surgeries, Bariclip represents a promising option. Its reversibility makes it a flexible and adaptable choice, offering a personalized path to weight loss at MetabolikO Clinic.

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Innovation in Bariatric Surgery:
The Advantages of Bariclip

Bariclip stands out notably from other bariatric procedures due to its unique advantages. Its 100% reversibility feature provides patients with the option to adjust the procedure in the future, offering unprecedented flexibility. Additionally, Bariclip does not require long-term vitamin or mineral supplementation, a crucial advantage over methods that may affect nutrient absorption.

The non-invasive nature of Bariclip ensures that there are no cuts in the stomach or alterations in the digestive system, significantly minimizing the risk of postoperative complications. This reversibility and safety make Bariclip a preferred choice for those seeking a modern and adaptable bariatric solution at MetabolikO Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bariclip at MetabolikO Clinic

Bariclip is an innovative device used in bariatric surgery. It is placed in the stomach to reduce its size in a non-invasive manner, without the need for cuts or permanent alterations, facilitating weight loss.

The advantages of Bariclip include its reversibility, the absence of the need for long-term vitamin and mineral supplementation, and a minimally invasive procedure that minimizes the risk of postoperative complications.

Bariclip is placed using a minimally invasive technique called laparoscopy, which allows for a faster and less painful recovery compared to traditional methods.

Yes, one of the most prominent benefits of Bariclip is its 100% reversibility. This provides patients with the option to remove or adjust the device in the future if necessary.

Bariclip is suitable for a wide range of patients, especially those with grade I obesity seeking a less invasive and reversible solution, as well as for young patients and those preferring to avoid permanent changes to their digestive system.

Unlike other bariatric procedures, Bariclip does not significantly alter nutrient absorption, reducing the need for long-term nutritional supplementation.

Recovery may vary, but thanks to its minimally invasive nature, many patients resume their normal activities relatively soon after the procedure.

MetabolikO Clinic offers comprehensive follow-up to ensure optimal recovery, including nutritional and psychological support, and guidance in adapting to the new lifestyle.

The best way to determine if Bariclip is suitable for you is through a personalized consultation with a specialist at MetabolikO Clinic, where your specific needs and goals will be evaluated.

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