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What are the results of the Allurion program with a gastric balloon?

Every weight loss journey is unique, and the Allurion Program with the Gastric Balloon is meticulously designed to fit your individual needs and goals, always under the expert guidance of Dr. Hernán Fraga.

Dr. Fraga not only handles the placement of the balloon but also leads your personal follow-up, ensuring that every step on your journey aligns with your health objectives. Along with a team of nutrition specialists, MetabolikO Clinic offers you comprehensive support, from the introduction of the balloon to monitoring your progress, to ensure life-transforming results.


Overcoming the Challenges of Diets with the Allurion Program

At MetabolikO Clinic, we understand that following a diet can be challenging, but with the Allurion Program, we equip you for long-term success.

Discover how our patients have transformed their lives, thanks to an approach that goes beyond simple weight loss.

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